• Create & publish your map to Tableau Public

  • On your Tableau Public map click Share, copy the HTML in Embed Code and paste it to htmlbeautify - you can now copy & paste this code to the website

  • Fork the website’s Github (see here) - this creates a copy of the website just for you.

Already forked? Make sure your gh-pages branch is up to date
  • On your fork add a new branch (see here) - this creates a sandbox in which you make changes to your hearts content, and delete if needs be!
  • Click _posts > Add file > Create new file
  • Create a new file called YYYY-MM-DD-filename.md (ex: 2021-09-22-marine-atlas.md) and add your content.

The section between the --- symbols defines the metadata about your page (copy & paste the metadata from another post, or for more information see here for options, here for sample posts and here for the sample posts Github)

  • Commit your new file to your branch
  • Preview your edits by clicking Settings > Pages > Source and selecting your branch
  • When you’re happy with your edits go to website’s Github and accept the “Would you like to submit a Pull Request” prompt

Or click Pull Requests > New Pull Request > compare across forks and select your fork for head repository and your branch for compare and finally Create Pull Request

  • After a final review of the post, merge the changes in and delete your branch if you like!